How to find time to work out when you have a small baby

Being a new mom is a challenge on its own. Being s new mom in a different country, far away from my relatives and the closest friends is another challenge on its own. Parenhood in Italy for the most part is based on the availability of grandparents to watch your child. You know a saying:… Continue reading How to find time to work out when you have a small baby


New Year New Goals

Great read! Grab a cup of coffee, paper and pen and work on those goals! ❤️

Be bold stand back up

Its 2018!! Isn’t that wonderful!! I’ve made it through another crazy year, but the good thing is, I’m still here, and I’m here with goals. I know a lot of people want to set goals dealing with weight loss, or purchasing a new item. But what happen if you make it your goal to become a better person. Well now you can. Even though we are in the 3rd month of 2018, you can still set those wonderful goals you always wanted to accomplish. Before I became serious about becoming an entrepreneur, I always had goals I wanted to accomplish, but became busy with my family and this thing called life, that I kinda put them on the back burner. It was this one goal I wrote down and shared with my husband, the joy of investing in ourselves. At that time it seemed impossible because of my financial situation…

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Imperfectly perfect mommy (a letter to my fellow moms)

Is in it amazing how everyone we come across has something to tell us about how to do things with our child, how to sleep train right from the beginning or that co-sleeping is a big No-No, or that you should definitely do the “cry it out” method, you know, so baby doesn’t need you… Continue reading Imperfectly perfect mommy (a letter to my fellow moms)


Women’s Day Femininity


Mumming and Modelling

Today is International Women’s Day (in case you missed it). There have been so many posts written on why Women’s Day is needed; I won’t bore anyone with repetition. But today did make me think about feminism.

I consider myself a thoroughly modern feminist. I wear pink, I love dresses, I shave my body hair and I’m a model who very often poses in bikinis. In times gone by, and in other people’s opinions, these things alone should make me anti-feminism. But, the way I see it, a real, true feminist should be able to do exactly what she wants to.

I don’t wear pink to appeal to men – I wear pink because I like the colour. I’m not a model because anyone else told me to be – I’m a model because I enjoy being my own boss, and I’m bloody proud of what I’ve achieved. I shave…

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